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 Early Childhood Supplemental
Spanish Music Curriculum

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Teachers have taught thousands of students using I'm Bilingual!® educational tools.

I'm Bilingual! offers a flexible,
supplemental early learning
curriculum based on culturally-authentic texts and music.  

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I'm Bilingual!® Languages through Music guides students in their journey to
acquire musical competency through
songs, games, and activities.

Teachers Love Our Curriculum

Our music-based learning program equips teachers with practical, research-based strategies for success for teaching young children.

Resources include award-winning books and music, bilingual lesson plans, printable worksheets, enrichment cards, and training videos. I'm Bilingual! empowers teachers to achieve mastery while witnessing positive changes in student behavior.

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The I'm Bilingual!® Supplemental Spanish Music Curriculum offers teachers research-based strategies and field-tested materials that help students develop essential  foundational skills to achieve positive academic and social outcomes, providing a lifelong impact for children and opening a window to the world.

Our mission:
Empowering  teachers to succeed

Today, teachers are stuck with the responsibility of getting results without having the means to achieve those results. They are expected to find tools, learn and develop strategies to face a changing landscape in schools in the United States.

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Multilingualism is on the rise in the United States, with 20% of Americans proficient in two or more languages. As the student demographic continues to evolve, Spanish has become the second most spoken language today. Educators require immediate access to tools and up-to-date knowledge to effectively meet the diverse linguistic needs of their students.

In the face of teacher shortages and a rising bilingual population, school districts require a  program that is flexible, adaptable and user-friendly for their classrooms.

Our commitment to excellence has resulted in award-winning materials and engaging workshops, to support both new and experienced  educators.

The I'm Bilingual! Supplemental Spanish Music Curriculum is rooted in authentic texts and music from Spanish-speaking regions and cultures.

It boasts a coherent and cohesive design, validated through over 15 years of field testing at our I'm Bilingual! Languages Through Music early childhood classes in New York City.

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With I'm Bilingual!, early childhood educators can meet individual school or state requirements while infusing joy into their daily routines through integrated music and language activities.

For Educators and Administrators

The I'm Bilingual! Curriculum was developed by Yolanda Borrás who has over 30 years of teaching experience across three continents. Yolanda established her own early childhood music program in New York City,  where she taught classes and trained teachers for more than 15 years. Yolanda specializes in early childhood music education, and has designed curricula in seven different languages. Today, Yolanda serves as a speaker and teacher-trainer both in the USA and abroad.
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Option 1. Workshops with Yolanda

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Option 3. Schedule a Call

We want your teachers to succeed. Are you a part of a school system that can benefit from the I'm Bilingual! educational materials and professional development training?

Schedule a 15 minute video call to explore opportunities for implementation for your organization.

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Are You Ready to Teach?

Becoming a master teacher of music and language is fun and easy with I'm Bilingual!

At I'm Bilingual!® we know that you want to be a transformational
education leader. 
We provide you with everything you need to succeed:

  • A full year of activities that can be easily integrated with other content areas in the classroom
  • Ready-to-implement Lesson Plans created by a team of professionals specializing in music and language education,
      and curriculum development
  • Award-winning books and music
  • Fun Printable worksheets to enrich the lesson plans and learning experience and Printable posters for the classroom
  • Learning cards that include creative rhythms, vocabulary words in context of the books, creative story cards with open-ended group activities, animal sounds, math, shapes, colors and more! 
  • Videos to help with Spanish pronunciation of books and basic words in the curriculum
  • Demo videos with musical activities for the classroom

Order your Classroom Pack today!

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Our Educators Say

"Yolanda is one of those rare geniuses in the field of education who has a clear and bold vision for new methods of teaching and engaging children."

Jennifer Jones, Ph.D.
Socially Innovative Design, Development & Management

New York City

"...the best presentations that I’ve attended on authentic Spanish songs and games for young children."

Denise Gagne




"Our Teaching Artists found the presentation to be very helpful, and greatly appreciated her expertise-both in the area of Latin American songs and as an early childhood teacher."

Chris Marolf
Field Supervisor

New York City

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 Learning Portal for Educators

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When you register for our free Learning Portal you will have access to: 

  • Music tracks

  • Songbook videos

  • Games

  • Spanish translations

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 I'm Bilingual! Languages Through Music
Supplemental Spanish Music Curriculum

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