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Need more card sets for your classroom? Purchase them individually by selecting this option. The I’m Bilingual! Los pollitos Vocabulary Enrichment Card Set will help children acquire new vocabulary words in Spanish.  The VOCABULARY ENRICHMENT CARD SET enhances the acquisition of new Spanish vocabulary words. The pack includes 36 laminated cards. Using the images, children can create their own stories with the newly acquired vocabulary. This pack can be used in the classroom all year round!


By combining this pack with the La finca illustrated Spanish songbook (optional) by Yolanda Borrás, teachers can also engage children in a fun and natural transdisciplinary learning process that includes music and Spanish vocabulary.


Developmental benefits include: memory, focus and concentration

La Finca - Vocabulary Enrichment Card Set

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Items may be returned in its original packaging only for a full refund plus tax if applicable.  Returns are accepted up to 10 days after purchase date.  Refund excludes shipping and handling fees. 

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