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Professional Development


workshops available in

Spanish/ English

or Bilingual

Highly engaging and practical Spanish music workshops for teachers are led by Yolanda Borrás.  The I'm Bilingual! award-winning books and music, coupled with field-tested materials and strategies, ensure easy implementation in the classroom.


During the workshops we will utilize research-based content promoting language acquisition through the arts. Fun and engaging group strategies allow for hands-on teaching.


Yolanda’s workshops seamlessly align with state goals and standards.

Teachers leave our workshops with renewed joy for teaching and with empowered to implement the newly acquired material and concepts immediately in their classrooms!  



Yolanda Borrás


I'm Bilingual! 



Yolanda is a dynamic motivational speaker who advocates passionately for integrating music into children's daily lives. Explore with her the transformative power of culturally authentic music—a dynamic tool fostering meaningful connections in families and communities.

She is fluent in Spanish (her native language) and English (with native fluency), and she brings boundless energy to her communication in both languages.


Connecting effortlessly with diverse audiences, Yolanda's vibrant style adds an extra layer of enthusiasm to every interaction.

Yolanda Borrás
Founder/President I'm Bilingual! Areas of Expertise

Bilingual Education for Young Children

Available in English and Spanish

Yolanda Borrás, founder and president of I'm BIlingual! Languages through miusic, has more than 35 years of experience teaching music and languages to  young children around the world in multiple languages.

Early Childhood Music

Teaching experiences in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean

Founded I'm Bilingual! an early childhood music program in NYC with classes for young children in 7 languages.

Spanish Music for Children

Award-winning Dominican author and educator, Yolanda has researched traditional music for children in the National Library of Spain, National Library of the Dominican Republic, public libraries in the USA, and materials related to children's music and folklore of Spanish-speaking cultures.

Public Speaking and

National and  International Conferences

More than 20 years of experience presenting  sessions at national and international education conferences in the United States and in the Dominican Republic.

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