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I'm Bilingual! Language Through Music

I’m Bilingual!® Languages Through Music provides educators with a Supplemental Curriculum Kit in Spanish and online educational tools that allow for easy implementation in early childhood classrooms.

This flexible Supplemental Curriculum Kit includes award-winning books and music collection, supporting videos and games in Spanish that contribute to the development of language and musical skills in young children. Book sets include printable sheets focusing on math, vocabulary, musical concepts, sequencing, drawing, numbers, shapes and STEAM and STEM activities.


The I’m Bilingual! Languages Through Music® Supplemental Curriculum Kit aligns with most Early Childhood learning goals and strategies for schools in the United States. Utilizing I’m Bilingual! books and material, educators can:


• guide students in their journey to acquire music competency, a lifetime gift that includes 

   feeling the steady beat, learning to identify pitches and developing a musical ear

• present Spanish through songs, games and activities

• explore music and music concepts, including dynamics and tempo

• engage in fun vocalizations and pitch exploration

• invite children to generate musical ideas by creating and playing music patterns

• connect children to a multicultural world through music

• combine science, math, arts and technology

• support children as they begin to read in context of rhymes and songs

• engage in creative movement, storytelling and dramatic play


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Yolanda Borrás

President, I'm Bilingual! 

I'm Bilingual Spanish

A native of the Dominican Republic, Yolanda’s passion is educating young children. Founder of I'm Bilingual!, an innovative bilingual arts education program in New York City, Yolanda continues to impact children around the world through online presentations and workshops. 


Her lifelong dream is to promote the highest quality music experiences for children worldwide. After fifteen years of research and testing her educational materials and activities at I’m Bilingual! Yolanda began designing illustrated song books based on all time favorite children’s songs in Spanish-speaking countries. She has created award-winning products that help support the acquisition of languages during early childhood. 

 Yolanda’s products include ¡Cantemos todos juntos! a Tillywig and Family Choice Award Winning CD (Let's Sing Together) as well as Los pajaritos (The Little Birds), La finca (The Farm) and Los pollitos (The Little Chicks) illustrated song books. She has created complementary materials such as printable sheets, vocabulary, rhythm and math activities to support the learning experience. Yolanda’s educational materials have received awards from Family Choice, Tillywig Toy and Media, International Latino Book, Mom’s Choice, Purple Dragonfly and Parents’ Choice awards. 

Yolanda obtained a Bachelor of Music degree from the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and a Master of Educational Administration from Columbia University Teachers College in New York City. As the founder of I’m Bilingual! Yolanda was selected to participate in an SME program at Columbia Business School's Eugene Lang Center in New York City.

She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in the field of education, and is affiliated with national and international professional organizations. Yolanda was a featured alumnus in the Johns Hopkins University Magazine for "Teaching music in many languages" and has been interviewed by programs affiliated with NPR and by EdLab at Columbia University Teachers College. She has also been featured in national and international publications including the New York Times. 

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