The I'm Bilingual! Spanish Colletion includes award-winning illustrated song books and music collection, games and activities that help develop language and literacy skills, mathematics, pre music rhythmic notation and pre reading skills. The materials are based on music and movement activities that help develop gross-motor skills and fine-motor skills, as well as leadership opportunities for children through the creative arts.  The package includes:

1 La Finca Big Book

1 La Finca Student Book

1 Matching Pairs Card Game - La Finca  (36 cards)

1 Rhythmic Notation and Animal Sounds Card Game - La Finca  (30 cards)

1 Coloring Pad- La Finca

1 Los Pajaritos Big Book

1 Los Pajaritos Student Book

1 Matching Pairs Card Game - Los Pajaritos  (36 cards)

1 Rhythmic Notation Card Game - Los Pajaritos  (30 cards)

1 Coloring Pad- Los Pajaritos 

1 ¡Cantemos Todos Juntos! (Let's SIng Together) CD collection 

1 ¡Cantemos Todos Juntos! (Let's SIng Together) Teacher's Guide and CD 

I'm Bilingual! Spanish Collection

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