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The I'm Bilingual! Languages Through Music Supplemental Spanish Music Curriculum Classroom Pack includes award-winning illustrated Spanish song books and  music collection, as well as printable worksheets and lesson plans, videos and access to award-winning music for children.


The I'm Bilingual!® Supplemental Spanish Music Curriculum offers teachers research-based strategies and field-tested materials that help students develop essential  foundational skills to achieve positive academic and social outcomes, providing a lifelong impact for children and opening a window to the world.


The package includes: 

1 Pimpón Big Book

6 Pimpón Small Books

2 Pimpón Vocabulary Enrichment Card sets

2 Pimpón Shapes and Colors Card sets

1 La Finca Big Book
6 La Finca Small Books
2 La Finca Vocabulary Enrichment Card sets
2 La Finca Animal Sounds Card sets
1 Los Pajaritos Big Book
6 Los Pajaritos Small Books
2 Los Pajaritos Vocabulary Card sets
2 Los Pajaritos Rhythmic Activity Card sets
1 Los Pollitos Big Book
6 Los Pollitos Small Books
2 Los Pollitos Vocabulary Enrichment Card sets
2 Los Pollitos Math Activity Card sets
1 ¡Cantemos Todos Juntos! (Let's Sing Together)  Teacher's Music Book and Guide

I'm Bilingual! Languages Through Music Classroom Pack

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