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Teacher Training Workshops

Yolanda Borrás specializes in teacher training music workshops for early childhood educators. 

Workshops are available worldwide for private and public institutions, non-profit organizations and facilitators of home-schooled children. They are a result of more than thirty five years of worldwide experience in the field of bilingual music education and the arts.

About the workshops

  • Highly engaging, practical and creative
  • Easy implementation of materials
  • Research-based to promote language acquisition through the arts
  • Based on English, Spanish or French music 
  • Specialized training for educators
  • Utilizes group strategies
  • Hands-on teaching 
  • Flexible adaptation of materials for different age groups
  • Integration into general curriculum

Educational Consulting

Drawing on more than 35 years of teaching experience around the world Yolanda crurates Early Childhood music and movement materials drawn from English, French and Spanish cultures and creates custom-designed  products.
  • For Early-Childhood Music and Movement educational institutions in the USA and abroad.
  • Selects and curates a collection of music and movement activities with the target institution's program goals and learning strategies
  • ​Culturally-rich, authentic programs that enhance language learning in the classroom

Online Workshops 

  • For educators who wish to include Spanish, English or French Music activities
       in the classroom
  • For Homeschooled children and their parents   
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