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Teacher trainer

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Early Childhood  Specialist

Yolanda Borrás CV

Executive Summary 

Fluent in Spanish, English and French, award-winning author Yolanda Borrás specializes in developing music and language programs for children. She has broad professional experience working in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Yolanda is Founder/Director of I'm Bilingual® a Supplemental  Music Curriculum in Spanish which offers effective tools and resources that educators can use to enrich their programs and successfully develop musical and language skills in children from an early age. I’m Bilingual!® was founded by Yolanda Borrás in New York City in 1999.   Yolanda Borrás has created an award-winning collection of books, music and supplemental materials that help support the acquisition of languages during early childhood. She offers professional development workshops and is a frequent presenter/speaker in national and international conferences.   Specialties:  Author of children’s award-winning books, developing curriculum in multiple languages, speaker and professional teacher trainer, music, and language education for young children.  

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