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About Us



is a exible, supplemental early learning curriculum based on culturally authentic Spanish texts and music.

The I'm Bilingual! collection offers teachers research-based strategies and materials

that help students develop essential

foundational skills to achieve positive academic and social outcomes, providing

a lifelong impact for children

and opening a window to the world.

Award-winning Supplemental
Early Learning Curriculum

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I’m Bilingual!® Complete Collection

Illustrated Song Books and Educational Activity Cards: 

Pimpón Big Book
Pimpón Small Book
Pimpón Set of Vocabulary and Learning Cards
Pimpón Set of Shapes and Colors Cards

La Finca Big Book
La Finca Small Book
La Finca Set of Vocabulary and Learning Cards
La Finca Set of Animal Sounds Cards

Los Pajaritos Big Book
Los Pajaritos Small Book
Los Pajaritos Set of Vocabulary and Learning Cards
Los Pajaritos Set of Rhythmic Fun Cards

Los Pollitos Big Book
Los Pollitos Small Book
Los Pollitos Set of
Vocabulary and Learning Cards
Los Pollitos Set of Numeracy Cards

Award-winning Spanish Children's Song Collection and Guide:

¡Cantemos Todos Juntos! (Let's Sing Together) CD Collection

¡Cantemos Todos Juntos! (Let's Sing Together) Teacher's Guide


Printable activity sheets for all books

Video tutorials of songs and activities

Lesson plans

The I'm Bilingual!® Supplemental Early Learning Curriculum includes award-winning books in Spanish based on authentic texts and music, supporting videos and games that contribute to the development of language and musical skills in young children. The printable activity sheets include the following early learning skills and/or activities:


 Spanish vocabulary   Numeracy  Verbs and gross motor movement    

Diversity  Sequencing  Nutrition  Astronomy  Creative movement  STEAM

Onomatopoeias and musical activities   Forms and shapes  Arithmetic

 Social Emotional Learning  Listening and singing  Drawing and coloring

Field tested for over 15 years, the I’m Bilingual!® Languages Through Music collection aligns with most Early Childhood learning goals and strategies for schools in the United States.


Utilizing I’m Bilingual! books and material, educators can:

• guide students in their journey to acquire music competency, a lifetime gift that     

  includes feeling the steady beat, learning to identify pitches and developing a

  musical ear

• present Spanish through songs, games and activities

• explore music and music concepts, including dynamics and tempo

• engage in fun vocalizations and pitch exploration

• invite children to generate musical ideas by creating and playing music patterns

• connect children to a multicultural world through music

• combine science, math, arts and technology

• support children as they begin to read in context of rhymes and songs

• engage in creative movement, storytelling and dramatic play

Yolanda Borrás


I'm Bilingual!® Languages Through Music

Early childhood specialist, author and founder of I'm Bilingual!® Languages Through Music. Born in the Dominican Republic, Yolanda Borrás has taught in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. She has dedicated her professional life to early childhood education and educational business management. Yolanda offers music education workshops and training for early childhood teachers and participates as a guest speaker in international conferences. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree from Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration from Columbia University Teachers College.


Through I'm Bilingual! ® Yolanda offers effective tools and resources that educators can use to enrich their programs and successfully develop musical and language skills in children from an early age.


Her collection of children's music and illustrated song books have been awarded internationally.

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